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The idea of Top Cashback is pretty simple, buy something via their site and you will earn cashback. They offer cashback on everything from free trials and surveys to insurance and utilities. The amount often depends on what the product or service you are purchasing is.

For example, Sky are currently offering a whopping £157.50 cashback for new customers that purchases the Movie or Sports Bundle.

It’s not only purchases that qualify for cashback, simple comparison searches can give you a few quid and even more depending on if you take up any of the services. Then there are the “free cashback” offers that are no purchase offers or free trials, places such as Experian will give you a nice amount of cashback (usually around £5) to take out their free 30 trial for your credit report; just make sure you cancel it so you don’t start getting charged.

I have been a member for many years now and quite often forget to check it before buying something but with that said I have almost made £400 back from purchases, the biggest being places such as BT and Sky.

Another added bonus of this site is it’s very generous “Tell-A-Friend” scheme which sees members earning £5.00 per sign up (subject to the friend earning a minimum of £10’s themselves). There is also the option to upgrade your membership which costs £5 and is taken from your first set of earnings for the year rather than being an upfront fee. This upgrade gives you 5% extra on cashback earnings, “Tell-A-Friend” bonus of £7.50 which is often boosted to £10 and many other offers to boost your earnings.

Payout is pretty varied too, the obvious choice is Paypal and for some purchases you can select BACS. Then there is the option to be paid in gift cards which can sometimes be the better option with many receiving a bonus for using them; payout using an Amazon Card and you will see an extra 5% of your earnings added on top. This gift card bonus is the reason I am including it in the Cash Free Christmas Challenge as I will get more to spend.

I’d say the only real downside to Top Cashback is the time it takes for the cashback to be tracked, verified and ready for payout, don’t expect it to be a quick way to have some cash the next day. In my experience it takes on average 12 weeks for the whole process to complete and your earnings to be payable but it is a great way to save as you have to physically cash-out.

Some of the best offers on Top Cashback at the moment include :

 upto £25 cashback.

 upto £157.50 cashback for new customers.

 upto £147 cashback for new customers.

  upto £42 cashback

Click the company name for more details such as T&C’s of each offer.

I hope this has been useful to those who have never heard of Top Cashback before. There are other similar sites such as Quidco, many people will compare offers and go for the better deal. I have always preferred Top Cashback though, I actually started on Quidco. I shall keep you updated throughout the challenge on my progress; total earnings will appear on the My Money Making Websites at the end of each month.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask and I will try my best to answer them.


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