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I stumbled across the Free Postcode Lottery this week and while it won’t make you constant money it is well worth signing up to it.

Not to be confused with the People’s Postcode Lottery, this UK site is free to sign up to and makes all it’s money through ads and donations. You register your postcode and every day one is picked at random to win the jackpot. The jackpot is split between every one in that postcode so if you are the only one entered, you win it all. The only real downside to Free Postcode Lottery is that you have to visit the website to claim your winnings should you be the lucky one, if you forget to claim then the jackpot rolls over.

You also get the chance to earn a bonus on your winnings by visiting the site every day, liking them on Facebook and Google+ as well as a referral system. This bonus keeps growing until you win the jackpot and it is then added to your winnings.

You will receive 1p every day that you visit, 20p for a Facebook like, 20p for a 1+ on Google+ and referrals can net you a whopping £200 in bonuses. Ever referral earns you 1p straight away and then up to 20p as they build up their own bonus. You can earn a bonus for up to 1000 referrals. Referrals can be done via Facebook, Google+ or a unique URL that you can share anywhere. I’m currently on 41p.

Free Postcode Lottery also has a range of offers and surveys available to it’s users as a way of thanking them and hopefully increasing their earnings.

As I said, it isn’t a constant payout but more of an investment. A minute a day logging in could see a couple of £100 hit your bank account at any time.

As with anything I post about, if you have any questions or comments then feel free to let me know; especially if you have ever won with Free Postcode Lottery.

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    • I make it even easier by having my browser settings set to “open from last session” so I don’t even have to remember to open it, just click the tab and refresh 😉

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