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I stumbled across Find It For Less at the end of 2014 when they made themselves known on The Money Shed. The concept of the site is very simple, as you can probably work out by the name, it is basically a price comparison site. You search for something you want and are then given a list of places to buy it from which are listed by price.

How do you earn with them?

If you buy through the product link on the site you can earn cash back in the way of “Find It For Less” points, these points can be exchanged for gift vouchers. What makes this site unique from other sites such as Top Cashback and HotDealsUK is that you can earn points by posting offers (as long as the retailer is eligible) and by referring friends. If they sign up under you then you earn points, if they buy from your referral link you again earn points.

How many points do you need to exchange? What gift vouchers are on offer?

It takes 1000 points to redeem a £10 gift voucher; I’m at 317 points without posting any offers yet. The current vouchers on offer are Love 2 Shop, One 4 All and Amazon Vouchers. There have been a fair few members who have cashed out at least once and are well on their way to their next voucher who just post offers.

How do you tell people about it?

It’s really simple. You can share individual product searches; so for example, a friend is looking for the latest Call of Duty game for his console. You find it for a few quid cheaper on Find It For Less so share the link with that friend who then buys it and you get points. Sharing is simply done either by a link, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email.

You can also share the site’s top offers or most recent offers; again if someone buys from your link, you earn points. It is best to advise them to sign up first so they get the points too.

This website is still relatively new and I know they have many plans for it; such as offering the cash back as money rather than vouchers. It will be interesting to see how this place grows and adapts. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter for any and all updates.

If you pop over to The Money Shed you will find an exclusive points code to get you started.

As with anything I post about, if you have any questions or comments then please feel free to leave them.

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