February Update

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February has now been and gone. I have to admit that although this it was the shortest month I feel it has gone pretty well, there are some areas that I have really concentrated on and almost tripled last months results.

What hasn’t worked?

I feel YouGov and Global Test Market are being neglected, especially GTM as by the time I have finished with the other sites I have had enough so avoid them.

New finds

A site that rewards you for exercise, Bounts. Basically you connect it to one of the many exercise apps you can get for your phone and you get points for completing an activity, those points can then be converted into rewards. I plan to test it out and then do a post about it either later in March or at the start of April. For now register HERE and use the referral code “samphire569” which will get you (and I) a bonus 100 points.


So this is what I have made this month, for a running total go to My Money Making Websites page.

Swagbucks: 1,253 SwagBucks

Clixsense: $22.98

OnePoll: £8.90

Nectar Points: 775 points + 15 points in interest in The Hive

Top CashBack: £0.00

YouGov: 0

Global Test Market: 40 points

FindItForLess: 0

Bount: 360

If I keep up with the Swagbucks and Clixsense I am looking at easily exceeding the £250 I estimated last month.

Plans for March

I didn’t get round to making any videos last month like hoped so I will aim for at least one during March, I also want to get started with the Christmas Ideas side of the blog. I want there to be lots of ideas up, tried and tested ready for people beginning to think about the festive period.

I am hoping March will be even better than February.

4 thoughts on “February Update

  1. Congratulations on your targets, great going.

    I would suggest visiting GTM before one or two of the other websites, if you don’t have time for them all. My only reason for this is that I easily make £60+ a month from GTM now, and usually not for a large amount of time.

    • I do try, I just feel disheartened that (at the moment) I seem to be getting screened out by them a lot. I’ll keep at it, I know the potential is there. Thanks 🙂

  2. Good progress. GTM is definitely worth it. I do get screened out a bit then suddenly find I get a batch I qualify for. I redeem for £30 cash roughly every couple of months. The longest it has taken me to redeem when I have been screened out allot was three months.

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